• 25.4cc Chainsaw

    The Firefly 25.4cc chainsaw is exactly what you need for quick firewood creation & camp site clearing.


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    25.4cc Chainsaw

    Light & Easy to Move

    Weighing in at just 4kg, its compact design makes it easy to handle & transport. It utilises bright colouring so you can easily find it amongst other camping equipment or tools.

    Powerful Motor

    This Chainsaw runs at an impressive 7000RPM & functions on a pull start system, ensuring it will be able to handle the tasks set before it.

    Safety Features

    Coming with a heavy duty front & hand guard for protection. It is loaded with other safety features such as bright colouring for easy spotting, large handle & throttle trigger for easy & convenient control.


    4 kg

    25 x 25 x 33

    25.4cc Displacement Gasoline & Oil Fuel mix powered Hand Held Design 220mm Cutting width 9.5mm Saw Chain Pitch 1.27mm Saw Chain Gauge 305mm Guide Bar Size

    850W Engine Power 7000RPM Single Cylinder 2-Stroke Air-cooled engine Recoil Starting system 0.23L Fuel Capacity 0.16L Oil Capacity