• 2KVA Generator

    Easy to setup and move, the 2KVA Generator (or 2000 Watts) from Firefly is just the thing for all your camping needs, featuring a long lasting eco mode and a remote start this is the perfect addition to a caravan, camper trailer or campsite.


    Discover our
    2KVA Generator

    Easy to Move

    Our 2KVA Generator comes with travel wheels and travel handle, making it easy to transport and move around camp.

    Economy Mode

    With economy mode your generator will go for longer, adjusting the fuel consumption so you’ll use less fuel when appliances are turned off.

    Remote Operation

    Coming with a remote control, you can turn your generator on from the second you get back to camp.


    What can I run with this generator?

    The combined maximum load that can be powered by the Firefly 2KVA Generator is 2000w (i.e. 2kW).

    To calculate whether this is suitable for your camping needs, pay attention to the following:

    • Find out the wattage of your appliances: For the appliances you intend to power from the generator, determine the running (continuous) and starting (peak) watts to run each one. Appliances with motor or heating elements such as ovens, fridges and pumps often have a peak power requirement when they are powering up initially – before dropping back down to the lower running level.
    • Where to find your power requirements: Wattage information is often displayed on a label on the appliance itself. Alternatively, check the packaging, product manual, look it up online or call or email the manufacturer directly. Electrical requirements for similar products can vary significantly depending on model and manufacturer. See the example in the table below.

    Portable Fridge/Freezer


    Total Requirement

    Running Wattage




    Starting Wattage




    • Work out your likely running wattage and starting wattage needs at any given time. Especially where you are switching on and powering up multiple appliances simultaneously, it is important to check that the combined starting wattage requirement does not exceed the wattage capacity of your generator. Capacity overload can stop all appliances from working. So in the example above, the peak combined requirement for portable fridge/freezer and fan (1500W) does not exceed the maximum load of the 2KVA Generator (2000W).

    Remember: the higher your generator wattage, the less likely it is that you will need to ration or stagger simultaneous appliance usage.


    Best performance tips


    Position your generator outside on level ground. Ensure that it’s kept dry and well-ventilated. Never position it inside a camper trailer, garage or any other enclosed space as this can produce build up of deadly carbon monoxide gas.

    Cord usage

    For maximum performance and to avoid unnecessary power and voltage leakage, choose the shortest possible rated extension cords for the appliances you’ll be connecting.

    Servicing, oil, plugs and filters

    For efficient running and for maximising the lifespan of your generator, follow the recommended schedule (set out in the product manual) for servicing, oil changes, and plug & filter replacement.


    It is recommended that you drain all fuel from the generator if it is going to be in storage for longer than a month.


    26 kg

    58 x 32 x 51.5

    Wattage: 2000w Generator Net Weight: 26kg Engine Type: 4 Stroke, 1 Cylinder Displacement: 125cc Compression Ratio: 9.2 Engine Speed: 5000rpm Cooling System: Forced Air Cooling Ignition System: T.D.I. Fuel Tank Capacity: 7L Size: 580mm x 320mm x 515mm