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    Three-phase Technology

    The Firefly Battery Charger uses Three-phase technology to ensure your battery is charged properly & most importantly not overcharged.

    It does this by firstly providing a constant current stage where it produces a high current to begin charging the battery. Followed by this stage is it’s second phase where the current is slowly dropped until it enters the trickle function to charge the battery slowly until it is full.

    Once your battery has been fully charged this charger you will see the green ‘Battery Full’ light go on, at this point the charger will only provide a very low current to maintain the full charge state.


    Easy to Use

    Exceptional ease of use makes this charger ideal, simply attach the clamp connectors to your battery, matching the colour of clam to the Anode or Cathode of your battery before plugging it into a power source.


    0.5 kg

    21 x 7 x 12

    Input Voltage: 110 - 240V Output Voltage: 12V Charge Current: 10A Full Load Efficience ≥87%