• Cooler Box 100L

    The new ice box from Firefly has you covered in any situation, from fishing to dining. Featuring thick polyurethane insulation designed to keep ice for 7 days and coloured yellow for high visibility in the ocean. You’ll be using this cooler for years to come.


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    Cooler Box 100L

    Great for:

    • All camping needs: Spacious and versatile enough to come into its own on all trips
    • Fishing: Measure your catch using the lid-moulded ruler and then keep it cool inside
    • Motorhomes, cars, camping trailers, caravans: Stashes neatly into all types of vehicle
    • Festivals
    • Ocean and river trips: Tight seals ensure your cooler is water and sand-proof
    • Outward bound: A rugged build makes this Firefly Cooler Box a natural match for extreme conditions
    • Night expeditions: Bright yellow casing reduces the chances of stumbling over or leaving behind your cooler
    • Catering in safety: Food grade plastic makes the Firefly Cooler ideal for BBQs, picnics and all outdoor catering

    Thick Insulation

    The cooler box from Firefly has 4cm thick polyurethane insulation, which is then encased in raw food grade plastic, to keep it nice and cold for days.

    Long Catch Ruler

    Featuring a catch ruler that spans 66cm (26in) you’ll be able rule your catch and store it straight away without any fuss.

    Easy To Carry

    With moulded plastic handles & rubber latches, its easy to carry and you won’t lose anything inside while your moving it around.

    Best Performance Tips

    Pre-prepare your cooler and contents

    Where possible, pre-chill your food and drink before packing it. Pre-chill your cooler by lining it with a layer of crushed ice the night before usage.

    Use block ice or cubes for cooling the contents

    While crushed ice is great for pre-chilling the box, cubed or block ice is better for keeping the contents cooler for longer. This is because you can fit in more ice in the space available.

    Put the food/drinks in before the ice

    Cool air travels downwards. Therefore, place your food and drink in first and layer the ice on top. The ice displaces the warmer air – so the more ice and chilled items you put in the box, the longer the contents will stay cool.

    Keep in the shade

    A box in the sun will heat up a lot quicker than one in the shade. And when you reach your destination, remove the box from your vehicle; ideally placing it somewhere ventilated and out of the sun.

    Close it up

    Consider taking multiple cooler boxes; e.g. one for frequent access to bottles, and another for food that you can keep closed up until needed. Big rubber latches make it easy to securely close the box again when you’ve taken out what you need.

    Cooler care…

    The big drain plug on the Firefly Cooler Box makes it easy to empty out any melted ice. If it needs cleaning, use mild soap and warm water. To prevent mildew and mold, allow to air dry before storing.


    19.4 kg

    88.6 x 54.1 x 50.8

    Outer Shell: FDA Approved, Food Grade Plastic Insulation: Thick Polyurethane

    Net Weight: 19.4kg Volume: 100L Internal Size: 688 x 360 x 375 mm External Size: 886 x 541 x 508 mm