• Cooler Box 70L

    The new ice box from Firefly has you covered in any situation, from fishing to dining. Featuring thick polyurethane insulation designed to keep ice for 7 days and coloured yellow for high visibility in the ocean. You’ll be using this cooler for years to come.


    Discover our
    Cooler Box 70L

    Great for:

     – General camping

     – All vehicle usage – including camper trailers, caravans and motorhomes

     – Festivals

     – Fishing: Perfect size for fish, will keep steady in a boat, and includes a handy catch measuring ruler is moulded into the lid

     – Beach trips: Rubber latches, stainless steel lock plates and sturdy lid lock ensure that your cooler is ocean, river (and sand) proof

     – Night trips: Bright yellow outer shell helps ensure your cooler won’t get left behind  

     – Off road expeditions: Rugged and durable build

     – BBQ, picnics and catering: Manufactured with a food-grade plastic shell  


    Thick Insulation

    The cooler box from Firefly has 4cm thick polyurethane insulation, which is then encased in raw food grade plastic, to keep it nice and cold for days.

    Long Catch Ruler

    Featuring a catch ruler that spans 61cm (24in) you’ll be able rule your catch and store it straight away without any fuss.

    Easy To Carry

    With moulded plastic handles & rubber latches, its easy to carry and you won’t lose anything inside while your moving it around.

    Best performance tips

    A Firefly Cooler Box is not your average esky, we recommend the following steps to get even more unbelievable usage out of your product.


    Pre-chill food and drinks before setting off. Pre-prepare your cooler by chilling it with a layer of crushed ice the night before you set off.

    Use cube or block ice for cooling the contents

    Block ice takes longer to melt than crushed ice. It’ll keep the contents chilled for longer.

    Place the ice in last

    Cold air descends – so load your food and drinks in first and then cover with ice. Fill the box as much as you can. The more chilled food, drinks and ice you have in there, the less warm air can get in.

    Keep cooler out of the sun

    Keep your cooler in the shade. Where possible, remove it from hot cars and campers and place it somewhere ventilated and out of the sun.

    Keep the lid shut

    Don’t leave the lid open longer than necessary. Multiple coolers are a good idea for this: e.g. one for drinks and one for food that you need to access less frequently.

    After your trip…

    The large plug makes it easy to drain your Firefly Cooler Box quickly. If it needs cleaning, use a solution of mild soap and water. Allow to fully air dry before storing. This prevents mold and mildew growth.


    13.5 kg

    83.5 x 48.5 x 47.4

    Outer Shell: FDA Approved, Food Grade Plastic Insulation: Thick Polyurethane

    Net Weight: 13.5kg Volume: 70L Internal Size: 629 x 314 x 327 mm External Size: 835 x 485 x 474 mm