• Dual Zone 100L Fridge

    A Large 100L Dual zone Fridge/ Freezer. Ideal for families going camping!


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    Dual Zone 100L Fridge

    Bigger is better

    Being a huge 100L & 86.5 x 53.5 x 63cm in size, the Firefly Dual Zone 100L fridge is the ideal fridge for both families, those going solo and all in between for all your adventures. Whether it’s simply keeping your lunch cool or stocking up goods for a long trip away this fridge has you covered.

    Two compartments allow you to separate your goods easily, if on a fishing trip simply keep your bait in one compartment & your food in the other. If you’re camping you could keep any raw meat or sausages in one compartment and vegetables or such in the other, too easy!


    Summer proof

    The high quality foaming insulation ensures your goods can remain cool in the harsh Australian summer. The included cover helps to further insulate the fridge to retain its cool temperature while still allowing you to access the side handles & lid to get to your goods.


    36 kg

    86.5 x 53.5 x 63

    Temperature Range: -18°C to +20°C Input Voltage: DC 12/24V Power Consumption: 65W Insulation Material: High pressure Foaming 141b Cut-out Voltage: 10.5V (Adjustable)