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    Lumberjack Vehicle Towing

    We send our amazing campers & hybrids all around Australia to our Dealers!

    No worries if you live far away from us, we have amazing dealers located all around Aus ready to show off our campers to you. We're constantly sending out more & more campers to them all so you can get your hands on the camper of your dreams!

    If you want to find your nearest dealer location Click Here!

    Dealer Locations

    Lumberjack Camper Trailers Rutherford Showroom in NSW

    See our campers in person near you!

    Come along and visit one of our amazing friendly dealer locations so see our campers in person for yourself.

    Whether you are from South Australia, Victoria, Tasmania, Queensland or New South Wales we have dealers all over the place & more on the way.

    What are you waiting for? Visit your closest dealer & check them out for yourself   Click Here! to find your nearest dealer location.

    We're Listening

    We pride ourselves in listening to our customers.

    Product development and innovation is what we do best.  We want to know what you think about Lumberjack Camper Trailers and how we can make them better.  From upgrading jockey wheels, supplying reliable batteries to the placement of external windows and cooking facilities.  We are ever changing.

    For us, we have seen a shift from the traditional soft floor camper camper trailer to forward fold hard floor camper trailer.  And most recently into the Hybrid Range.  Hybrid camper trailers have become very popular.  We believe this is due to families wanting to get off road in a camper trailer but wanting the sleep like a baby in a caravan.  Hybrid camper trailer have all the popular features that a traditional camper has with the fridge storage and cooking outside, but the convenience of sleeping inside a cabin like a caravan.

    Its the best of both worlds.

    Tips Before Pickup

    Be ready to rock'n'roll!

    To ensure your handover of your Lumberjack Camper Trailer runs smoothly, its important to prepare your towing vehicle.

    Firstly, take the tow ball off your towing vehicle.  You will leave the tongue on the car, we will provide you with a towing coupling which works with your polyblock that is fitted to the camper trailer.

    Also your car must be fitted with electric brakes.  Your local auto electrician (eg. Autobarn) can fit one to your vehicle.  All vehicles towing trailers over 750 Tare by law need to have electric brakes fitted.  Safety first.


    Lumberjack has the perfect match for you.  Trailers that seamlessly take you from home to your next adventure.

    Our goal is to design trailers that make it easy for you to get away with family and friends.  We have listened to what you want and designed trailers for all budgets and family sizes.  Everything you need is included, annex walls and floor, deluxe kitchens and storage.

    No hidden extras or surprises! Proudly pull a great looking trailer that is easy to tow, clearly has some muscle and will turn heads.

    Come and visit us today at one of our showrooms. We are excited to meet you all & show off our amazing campers. Click Here to find your nearest showroom.

    The Perfect premium pod camper for couples or families who love camping

    A Pod camper for the adventurous families

    The Perfect little camper for couples or families, with a super quick setup.

    Ideal for everyone, couples, families, retirees, spacious with dining suite.

    Ideal for everyone, couples, families, retirees, spacious with dining suite.

    Ideal for everyone, couples, families, retirees, spacious with dining suite.

    Ideal for friends, retirees, couples or families with small children with dining suite

    The Perfect Caravan for Couples and Retirees, spacious in design with Queen size bed


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