• Lumberjack Camper Trailers –
    Warranty Enquires & Spare Part Order


    Before proceeding with lodging a warranty enquiry please ensure you have read the warranty information provided with your handover kit or on the warranties page. Once you have read this information & have concluded you are eligible to submit a warranty claim proceed to fill out the form below in as much detail as you can.
    Ensure to include images & detailed descriptions of the issue(s), this will assist our team in determining how best to assist & what actions to take next.

    This form is also used to document & request spare parts or servicing for your Lumberjack camper trailer. When enquiring about spare parts, please ensure to include a photo of the item & any measurements you can obtain to ensure we have as much information as possible.



    If you have any further questions relating to warranties, or are unsure about any aspect of this form, then please call us on 1300 30 40 45.


    Warranty Enquiry & Spare Parts Form

    Please complete the form below. All fields marked with a * must be completed.

    After submitting your warranty claim, usual review time is 3-5 business days.

      Please include at least 3 photos that show the issue clearly.
      No Warranty Claims will be processed without photos of the problem.
      This will help us to determine the best course of action in the fastest time possible.

      Pleaset Note If you have more than 3 images, please make note of this in your description. (Only 3 images can be submitted per form submission)