240v Electrical Connection Update

24/06/2022 | by Lumberjack

We ae excited to let everyone know about our 240v Electrical Connection Update to make using your camper easier than ever. This update is happening to our camper trailer & pod camper models. We’ve heard the feedback to see if we can make it easier to charge the campers & we’re here to answer.
Keep reading to learn more about what we have updated & how it will make your camping experience easier.

What this means for you

It is now easier for you to charge your trailer, even if the main isolator is off.
We know battery maintenance & charging can be difficult to remember so we have thought of a way to make it as easy as possible.
If your trailer is purchased with a 240v Electrical Connection upgrade, you will now receive three double GPO points.
One installed to the main front storage/ fridge slide, one to the main cabin & one at the battery location.
Along with these points, we will mount the battery charger at the battery location so it can be connected to the GPO point of the same location.
This means that when your trailer is connected to 240v mains power, your trailer will be charging too!

How is it different from before?

Previously with a 240v Electrical Connection you would receive two double GPO points. These were positioned in the main cabin & at the fridge storage slide. This meant if you wanted to charge your trailer you would need to use an extension cable to charge your batteries.

More Innovations on the way

This makes charging much easier as you only need to plug in your mains power connection & you’re charging your trailer.
As the 240v system runs separately from the 12v system, it also means that your main isolator doesn’t need to be on. Lumberjack are committed to continuous improvement to make our trailers & your camping experiences better & better as we go on.
Just like this 240v Electrical Connection Update we are working on more exciting things to announce in the future soon!