Camping Journals – Saving those precious memories

22/04/2022 | by Lumberjack

Keeping a log of your adventures

When thinking back on camping journeys of the past, sometimes the details can get foggy as time passes. So what about creating something to help remember those good times better.

If you’re heading off on a long trip, what about writting down the mischief & fun you get up to. Journals don’t have to be long worded or full of details, they can be completly unique to how you want to remember your moment.

Where to Start

From the very book you use itself, you can make a truly unique piece.

With thousands of examples online, you can find a style & theme to suit the way you like, from a messy style with cluttered pieces overlapping a whole page to something more neat & organised, where every piece has a place. This is where the style of paper you choose can help play a part, geometric bases can make it easier to keep more organised formats & guide for straight lines where others give more room for freedom.

Will you choose a dot journal, traditional lined, grid pattern, blank, flat colour or even textured base.



How to Decorate & personalise

You could collect & press flowers from the places you visit to pair with a couple of photos, theme pages with colour schemes, try out stamps & so much more.
Washi tapes, stickers & stencils come in all shapes, patterns, sizes & are easily accessible.

Some new techniques to try out for your journal could be:

  • Adding pressed flowers
  • Stitching through pages
  • Tearing pages
  • Tea staining
  • Burned edges
  • Crumpling or crushing pages
  • Including Polaroid photos which have been decorated

The limit is your imagination



Get the little ones involved

We’ve put together a basic template here for the little ones to record their camping adventures in their own words.  With space for drawings or photos of the day & some simple prompts it’s easy to keep a short record of the day’s activities they can look back on.
It’s great for a little bit of writting practise while away on holidays but also a fun tool they can use for show & tell or sharing their stories with friends.

Click Below to download our Children’s Journal Template file or Click Here