What to Consider before choosing a camper

15/07/2022 | by Lumberjack

We all love getting away for a camping trip & having a recreational vehicle can make it even better. Using a tent can be great for beginners but there comes a time when you are ready for something more. This is when you reach the next level & begin looking to all the styles of campers, hybrids & pods. Then you have the difficult choice of choosing a camper.

When it comes to camping equipment & deciding what is best, there are a couple of basic points to consider. These help to narrow down your options.


Towing Vehicle Limits

The first & most important thing to understand is the limit of your towing vehicle. This can be the main limiter on what size unit you can look for.
When looking at unit weights, you need to verify your vehicle at minimum can tow the ATM (Aggregate Trailer Mass) Weight. This is the weight of the unit fully loaded.
Our Hybrid caravan range have generally higher ATM weights & our Pod range the lowest weights with our Camper Trailers sitting in the mid-range.

Lumberjack Campers-choosing-camper-04

Electric Brakes

By law in Australia any towed unit with a Tare exceeding 750Kg MUST be fitted with electric brakes. This means Every Lumberjack unit requires Electric brakes to tow. You need to verify that your towing vehicle has been fitted with Electric brakes or is compatible to have them installed.
If you do not have electric brakes fitted to your vehicle before coming to collect your unit, you may not be allowed to take your trailer with you.


Physical Unit Size

The physical size of the unit is another thing to consider. When you have the unit, you need to be able to store it, ideally in a garage or shed. This means the height & width of the trailer in comparison to your storage location should be considered.

So when it comes to choosing a camper hopefully we have given you some key things to consider. If you want to start your adventure & see the range on offer, you can click below to see our current range.

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