Comparing Our Camper Trailers

26/08/2022 | by Lumberjack

In our current camper trailer range we have three main models: Johanna, Otway & Glenaire. These are all forward folding style campers, with the main bed folding out over the front drawbar. There are a few differences between these three models so let’s look at comparing camper trailers & see what differences they have.


At a base level design all three campers have the same layout, with a main bed at the drawbar end & seating space in the centre of the unit. They vary when it comes to the rear, with two models having rear sleeping areas.

When in a fully closed state, all three of the campers look almost identical. With only the rear of the campers being the real difference between them & the Glenaire sitting slightly taller.

All three campers have the following features:

  • Slide out kitchen units with sink, cooker & storage
  • Luxurious soft leatherette seating
  • Interior storage drawers & cupboards
  • Wind down table & convertible seating space
  • Stereo system with dual interior speaker
  • Full Enclosed exterior annex
  • Independent suspension
  • & a few more . . .

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The smallest of the three campers, this model can sleep up to 4 people.
It has a king-sized main bed & the convertible seating. It does not have a rear fold or slide out bed, so it is more suited to couples or those with small children. Being the smallest unit it has the fastest setup with, with three main u-poles & 4 spreader poles for the main cabin tent.

It is the lightest of our camper trailers with a tare starting at just over 1500Kg.



Our mid-sized camper, this unit has room for a family of up to 6 people. It has a rear slide out double-sized bed which is great for the little ones. To access the rear slide, the spare tyres are on a lowering strut system so you can get to the slide handle. Setup for this camper is a little more complex, with 4 u-poles & 6 spreader poles for the main cabin tent.

The annex on this camper extends the full length of the unit, joining all the way to the end of the rear bed. With this it gives you an area of approx. 5.9m x 2.4m of covered shelter.



The largest of our camper range, this camper has a dual fold system. That means both the front & rear bed fold out from the main body. This allows for a huge king-sized bed at the front & a queen sized bed for the rear. It’s an ideal setup for those who may have older children who need a bit more space.

The Glenaire also has the largest annex of all our campers, with an approx. 6.5m x 2.4m area. With its large size this camper is also the heaviest of the three.


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