Family Games – Bonding the Old Fashioned Way

29/04/2022 | by Lumberjack

Time for Fresh Air & Fun

Getting away for a family weekend can be the perfect way to switch off from the everyday hustle & bustle to spend some good times together.

Below we’ve got a couple of family games you can try out which are easy to setup but still a good bit of fun.


Glow in the dark ring toss

What you need for this game is some bracelet glow sticks, some large thick style glow sticks & a couple of water bottles.

When the sun has gone down, crack & activate the larger glow sticks & put one or two in a water bottle. Set down a couple of the bracelet glow sticks to make a standing point & set the water bottle a few steps out in front of this. Make up another water bottle with a glow stick inside & set this in front of the first.

Set out as many targets as you like, they can be spaced apart for an extra challenge. You can assign points for how far away the bottles are too.

Make up some of the bracelet rings, then stand at your start marker & try to get the ring around the bottles.  To keep track of who got what points, you can designate colours of hoop for each person.


Camping Bingo

This game needs a little bit of preparation & research but can be a fantastic opportunity to teach the little ones more about the area you will be camping in.

Use common flora & fauna as the markers instead of traditional numbers to make up a bingo sheet. You can think outside the box on what sorts of things you use for point markers such as specific: Tree leaves, flowers, birds, lizards & other wildlife.

When a bingo is reached, there can be a small prize, whether it be some lollies or a new little toy. This activity is less of a short game & more of a learning opportunity to follow through your camping trip as they can fill it out during the trip, having a little fun along the way.


Pass the Water

Perfect for summer, to play this game all you need is water & some plastic cups.
All players have one plastic cup & stand in a line facing the back of the person in front.

The person at the front will have their cup full of water, the aim is to pour the water over their head & into the cup of the person behind them.

Then repeat to pass the water all the way to the last person in line (unless you spill all your water)