Games On The Road – The Clinkers Game

22/03/2017 | by lumberjackcampertrailers

Any part of a camping trip is making sure that the kids are entertained while you drive over long distances and playing movies only lasts for so long, thats why its handy to have an armory of car games to keep their minds occupied


This game is one of the easiest to play and the only preparation involved is buying a bag of clinker lollies and writing down some general trivia questions, family trivia questions and destination trivia questions.

How To Play:

  1. Pick a clinker out of the bag and guess what colour you think it is.
    • If you are right, you recieve 2 points & nominate someone to answer a question
    • If you are wrong, you must answer the question
  1. What question the player has to answer is based on the actual colour of the clinker.
    • If it is pink – General Question
    • If it is green – Destination Question
    • If it is yellow – Family Question
  1. If you get the question right you recieve 1 point, get it wrong you lose 1 point.
  2. Then the next person is the person to the left.
  3. Once all the clinkers are eaten, the winner is the one with the most points

Gameplay Example:

Alan picks up a clinker out of the bag and he guesses it’s yellow.
He bites into the clinker and its pink.
Alan must now answer a general question.
Steph picks up a clinker out of the bag and she guesses it’s green
She bites into the clinker and its green.
Steph nominates Alan to answer a destination question.