Games to Play in the Car – Basic Family Fun

10/06/2022 | by Lumberjack

Long road trips can get a bit draining, the little ones get restless & the driver can start to zone out, roads start to look the same & things can get a bit boring. That’s where games to play in the car can come to the rescue, with the phones & tablets set aside you can try out a couple of these simple game ideas:

The Licence Plate Game

One of the most common car games but a true classic to make you think quick & use a bit of imagination.
When passing another car, take note of the letters on the number plate & make the Acronym from them. You could race to see who has an idea first, or everyone in the car has a go & the funniest or most clever answer is the winner.
OMO = Old Man Octopus
GSD = Green Spotted Dog
PFM = Poisonous Flying Mouse


The basic idea of this game is to think of an overall category, then go around the car & say one thing from this category. If anyone repeats or says something not in that category, they are out of the round. Keep going until you have a winner, if you have snacks on hand, they can get first choice as a prize.
Example Categories: Vegetables, Dog Breeds, Coffee types, Car brands, Chip Flavours

Noah’s Ark

One person starts off by saying the sentence “Into Noah’s ark went one (animal starting with A)”
The next person will then continue, repeating what the first person said & then adds to the end “and two (animal starting with B)”

Continue the tale going round from person to person, adding more animals until you reach Z or someone makes a mistake.
First Person – “Into Noah’s ark went one Alpaca”
Second Perosn – ‘Into Noah’s ark went one Alpaca & two Bats”
Third Person  – “Into Noah’s ark went one Alpaca & two Bats & three Cats”


So Next time you’re on a long road trip & need to kill a little bit of time, why not try out a couple of these games to play in the car for some fun.