Gas Regulation Update – New Connection

15/04/2022 | by Lumberjack

Regulation Changes
There has been a recent update to the regulations regarding gas regulator connections.
This change will affect new units being produced so if you already own a camper no worries, there is no need to retro fit or update the fittings.


What is the Change?
In summary, the change affects the connection to a gas bottle. It is becoming an externally threaded fitting, meaning when you connect a hose, the connection will be external to the bottle as opposed to the current internal system.
This update will not only affect campers, but also regular BBQ’s, hot water units & other kinds of gas operating devices moving forwards.


What is the benefit to this change?
Switching to an externally threaded system means that gas can only pass through the connection once an appliance has been connected. When connected, the gas pressure will trigger an internal valve which allows the gas flow to happen.
In addition, there is a new built-in fire protection safety feature; inside the connection is a nut which can melt & release the hose connection in an emergency fire situation.


How will this affect You?
Moving forward, when you are purchasing gas bottles you will need to double check the type you require for your camper. You will notice the connections on newer gas bottles change in compliance with these new changes & are suited to the new externally threaded fittings.
You will still be able to purchase both kinds of gas bottle, but it is a good idea to double check which fitting you need before purchasing a new bottle at your local supplier.
For those of you who already have campers & hybrids, have no worries as again, these regulations are only applying to new units being produced.