How to Learn more about your camper or hybrid?

22/07/2022 | by Lumberjack

When you’ve just collected your brand-new camper/ hybrid, new or second hand the first thing you want to do is just get out there! But before you start exploring the country it’s well worth doing a little bit of homework.
Just to ensure you know how to use your camper correctly before you head off.
Opening, closing, using the cooker, water systems & more, there’s so much to learn, so how do you learn more?

Lumberjack how to learn more-02

Printed Documents

With your brand-new camper you should received a booklet containing a number of printed documents. In this kit you will find a Care & Maintenance manual, setup/ pack up guide, diesel heater safety sheet (if installed) & hot water connection guide (campers & pods only). If you have a camper trailer you will also receive a matching pole plan diagram too.
We highly recommend keeping all these documents in your trailer for reference when required. As well as giving them a read before you head away on your first trip. We know lots of documents can be tedious but being educated will give you the best knowledge on how to use & care for your camper.

Video Tutorials

To help make learning about your camper easier, we have many video tutorials available. On our YouTube channel we currently have over 100 tutorials. We also have individual playlists set up for every model so you can watch everything specific to your camper. We’ve got tutorials to cover everything from hitching to tow, gas & hot water connections, pack up & setup.
We’re constantly planning new videos to make to continue teaching more & more about our range. As we develop our models’ small changes will happen. As these to, we will endeavour to make more tutorials to teach you about them.

Online Community

If you own a Lumberjack camper you are eligible to join our exclusive online community on Facebook. This group is a place to share photos & videos of your adventures as well as tips & tricks. It is a private group where only verified Lumberjack camper owners are accepted so it is a secured safe space.
To find this community page, search for ‘Lumberjack Camper Trailers Family’. When you request to join the group, you will be required to sumbit the last 6 digits of your vin. This number can be found on the front drawbar of your camper.