How To Look After Your Camper Trailer

12/04/2016 | by lumberjackcampertrailers

What many people do not realise is that prior to using your tent, it is important to do some preparation in order to make sure that your canvas is waterproof. The action of ‘seasoning’ will ensure no leaky tents when off on your first camping trip! As the canvas on your new Camper Trailer has been pricked and punctured with a needle in manufacturing, there is an easy process of seasoning that must be completed before use. Seasoning will allow the material to expand and swell – closing up all of the stitching holes.


All you have to do is follow these steps:

(It is recommended to commence seasoning in an area that won’t be in the way of anything/anyone for a few days –preferably at home where there is access to a hose. Aim to season your canvas when it’s hot and sunny for better results. That way, seasoning can be completed at least 2-4 times).

  1. Completely drench the entire tent making sure it is SATURATED! It has to seem as though the canvas has been under heavy rain for at least a half hour period.
  2. Allow a minimum of four hours between soaking in order for the canvas to dry. DO NOT apply your own form of heat to dry your canvas. Let it dry naturally in the sunlight.
  3. Repeat this process over a period of time – this will probably be over a few days.
  4. After this, if water still finds its way through some areas of the stitching, rub these areas with a wax stick.

(Keep in mind that there is no such thing as a permanent waterproof canvas treatment. Over time, you will need to repeat the treatment again. Generally, you should not have to waterproof canvas items more than once per calendar year.)


Don’t let all your hard work go to waste! The maintenance of your tent is the next thing you need to know about. Do not pack your camper trailer away if it is still wet or soiled. Your canvas can become covered in mould, mildew or stained by corrosion within a few short days. If it is wet when you are packing up, then unpack and set it up to dry as soon as you get home or reach your next destination.


After every outing, be sure to inspect your tent for damage and clean it when it’s dirty (from things like tree sap, leaves, animal droppings, etc.). Failure to do so can result in rotting or stains. When dry, brush with a soft brush, both inside and out. Hose down occasionally with clear, clean, cold water. Never scrub the canvas as this can reduce the waterproofing of the canvas. Never apply soaps, detergents or other cleaning agents.


If/as soon as your canvas gets mould on it, even if it’s just a tiny bit, rectify it as soon as possible with a mould treatment from your local camping store. Use a mould and mildew remover specifically designed for canvas. This treatment will have instructions on it which you will need to follow closely. Once cleaned we recommend applying a canvas waterproofing agent: both are available from most camping stores.


Keep substances such as cleaning fluids, insecticides, petrol, oil, solvents, kerosene, eucalyptus oil, or similar materials well away.


The internal battery in your camper trailer can be charged as follows:

  1. On the drawbar of the camper trailer has an Anderson Plug. If you have on your vehicle an Anderson Plug outlet, plug the camper trailer plug into your vehicle and whilst you are driving this will charge the internal battery in the camper trailer.
  2. Plug the Anderson Plug on the drawbar of the camper trailer into the plug socket on solar panels (sold separately) and this will charge your battery while you are camping.
  3. When you have access to a standard household 240V power point, use the charger supplied. Attach the black and red pegs directly to the battery , then plug the power point end into a standard power point.
  4. If you have access to a generator, use the charger supplied. Attach the black and red pegs directly to the battery and plug the power point end into your generator (sold separately)

Please note: in steps 3. and 4. the battery charger has indicator lights to show you when the camper trailer battery is charged.