How You Can Be Environmentally Friendly While Camping

02/01/2019 | by Lumberjack

More and more people these days are concerned about the kind of impact the are having on the world around them. That’s why many of them are choosing sustainable products and renewable energy sources where possible.

If you are going to be outdoors and enjoying yourself, then you might as well do good for the environment you are enjoying. The top tip we want to give you is to clean up after yourself.

You have to be careful about what you leave behind when you are outdoors. The trash, tools, and various debris that gets left in a camper’s wake can be damaging to the environment.

It not only detracts from nature’s beauty, it also takes a long time to deteriorate and may cause harm to animals or plant life.



Bag your Garbage

Be sure to bag up any garbage you create while camping. Don’t leave your garbage out in the woods, though. Take it to a trash receptacle to dispose of it. Many parks and campgrounds have numerous receptacles scattered around their premises.



Some trash is biodegradable, such as foodstuffs and some kinds of paper, but think about how your food can attract the wrong kind of animals and how paper and other biodegradable litter creates an unpleasant appearance for the camping area.


Extinguish Fires

You also want to put out your fire completely before you leave the campsite. Never leave a fire burning overnight or when you are going to be away from the campsite for more than a couple of minutes. You want to clear the area around the fire to prevent the fire from spreading accidentally.

Be sure to stomp out the fire and pour water on it to ensure that no fire is left when you depart your campsite. Once you douse and stifle the fire, take a stick or other long instrument and kick through the ashes to see if there are any red embers left. Those all need to be put out completely before you leave.


Chemical Sprays

You should also be careful about the kind of bug spray and other chemicals you use. Some of these contain ingredient that are bad for the environment and that are not very good for you either.

Use safe, environmentally friendly sprays and repellents for results that are just as good and far less toxic to you and to the world around you.



Its’s a bad idea to clean your clothes or cooking equipment in any nearby streams or rivers if you are using detergents. Once again, there are natural, safe detergents, as there are natural, non-toxic versions of most chemicals we normally use.

However, even safe detergents may not be safe for plant and animal life in and around water sources. That is where they go for some of their sustenance, and if it is polluted with detergent, it can be fatal to them.

Just keep the environment in mind as you camp and be careful about the effect you are having on it.