Ronny Dahl & the Sheoak Series II Simpson Desert Adventure!

02/03/2023 | by Lumberjack

Ronny & Torbes took a Sheoak Series II out to the Simpson Desert to put it through its paces & they held nothing back!

Through sand, mud, rain, getting bogged, slippin’ & sliding, they truly put it to the test on an epic adventure.

You can catch watch their journey on their main 3 part series on YouTube. As well as their additional trips with the Sheoak from South Australia across the Nullarbor & over to Pearth.
It’s the stuff of 4WD dreams! Gettin’ off road & just having an absolutely awesome time (& maybe getting bogged a little bit).

If you’ve been thinking about the Sheoak for yourself, this series is a must-watch. See how the Sheoak tows & performs in some premium off road conditions. Ronny also shows off the cooking facilities along with his great banana pancake recipe, well worth a try!