The Benefits Of A Camper Trailer

14/12/2016 | by lumberjackcampertrailers

When it comes to recreational vehicles, there’s so many choices from Caravans to RVs, Pop-Up Campers to Camper Trailers, below we’ve listed some of the great benefits to owning and using a camper trailer.


Because our camper trailers unfold from the main body of the trailer, they have a lower profile while closed which has a variety of benefits for you particularly while driving. The aerodynamics of having a low trailer height minimises the pull on the trailer which means better fuel economy for you and more durability in windy conditions.


When closed our largest trailer is slightly bigger than the size of an average pick-up ute, meaning storage inside a single car garage is no problem.


With Eco-tourism becoming bigger and bigger, it can be important to people that when they are camping that they leave a campsite as close to how it was when they arrived. Especially with our forward fold campers, the size of the trailer is the size of your ecological footprint


Our camper trailers are built to go fully off-road, getting you closer to nature and closer to the action for a more authentic camping experience, we’ve even had customers go to Birdsville, the Cape and the Kimberleys.


In most cases buying a camper trailer is much more affordable over buying a caravan. With all the added extras and costs involved with buying a caravan, it can become an expensive investment.


Because camper trailers typically have less ball weight than a caravan, they are less likely to swing while you are driving.


All our Lumberjack camper trailers come with a bed mattress, power sockets and a kitchen with working taps and water, even some of our models have a fully functional stereo system! All the comforts of home with all the feel of outdoor camping.


All our Lumberjack camper trailers have storage compartments and tool boxes, varying by model our entry model, Terang has 6 storage compartments just on the outside!