The Value of Keeping Your Camping Trip Simple

19/12/2018 | by Lumberjack

Camping excursions used to be quite simple affairs. People would pack up their vehicle with a tent, a knife, some food and a few essential supplies, and they would rough it in the wilderness for a few days at a time.

These days, it seems like there is so much required equipment for the modern camping trip that it almost doesn’t feel like camping anymore.
Working restrooms, a full cooking range and soft beds make for a cosy getaway, but is it really camping at that point anymore?
There is something to be said for doing things the old-fashioned way and camping without all the accoutrements.


Simple Camping Movement

A movement has appeared nowadays to go back to basics when it comes camping. Many people are trying to things a bit more rugged and try to rough it more than they are used to.
That means going with very stripped-down supplies and only taking the essentials. A stripped-back kit could be comprised of clean drinking water, a tent, a knife, fire starter, toilet paper, and some of the food required for the trip.
The camper would then find some of their food in the wild and even make their own utensils out of wood, rocks and leaves if they really wanted to.



Why Keep it simple?

The value to camping like this is that they learn to live without some unnecessary things and they make do with what they have. They use natural resources instead of man made ones and leave a smaller footprint wherever they go.
This kind of trip requires less packing and fewer supplies, making it far cheaper as well. It’s perfect for the budget-minded individual who wants to avoid harmful chemicals and food that uses preservatives and additives.


Tone down the Luxury

Not everyone is going be able to pull off the simple camping style, but you don’t have to go to the extremes we have just covered here.
You could just simplify your normal camping gear and only take what you know is needed. Instead of a gas-powered stove, you may want to bring pots, pans and kettles that will work with a campfire.
Instead of bringing lots of fresh drinking water, you may want to bring a kit to purify your water. Instead of a charging station for your phone, you may just want to leave the phone at home or only use it for emergencies, keeping it turned off the rest of the time.


In Conclusion

You know what kind of gear you bring to camp with, and you may have some ideas of what could be whittled down and reduced or completely eliminated to make your camping setup simpler.
You’ll still want to plan your camping trip out and make sure you have everything you need ahead of time.
Maybe learn how to make things from your environment and how to use your environment better, but you can benefit from not having to spend so much money and pack so many things for your camping excursion.
One of the best things about camping is being in nature and away from most modern items. Try to keep to this true spirit of camping where you can.