Underrated Camping Activities – Stargazing!

13/05/2022 | by Lumberjack

When is the last time you sat down at night & took a moment to have a look up?
It’s not really something we find ourselves doing anymore but that can mean we’re missing out.  Let’s talke about this underrated camping activities ; Stargazing! This is one of those activities to help switch off in the evening & have a quiet moment before heading off to sleep.


Location Location Location

If you want to do some stargazing, you need to do it in the right place. Large cities produce a huge amount of light pollution which makes it extremely difficult to see. To avoid this, it calls for traveling out & away from cities. Local mountain ranges, national parks & more remote townships often prove the best places to catch some great sights.

If you’re up for a road trip, some top listed places to visit in different states are:

  • Swan Reach, SA
  • Warrumbungle National Park, NSW
  • Kakadu National Park, NT
  • Kings Canyon, NT
  • Bickley, WA
  • Cape Range National Park, WA
  • Murray-Sunset National Park, VIC
  • Grampians National Park, VIC
  • Lake Eildon, VIC

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Getting the Little ones involved

Stargazing can be an easy way to calm down after a long, exciting day, not just for you but also for the little ones. It’s a nice bonding moment to lay out a picnic rug & take a look at what’s above with your kids, will you look for constellations? Can you find the Southern Cross tonight? Or maybe Orion’s belt? Better yet, make up a few of your own constellations just for fun.
Sometimes you can even catch a satellite & watch it move across the sky. A great resource to check for any satellites going past you is the Spot the Station website from NASA, Click Here to have a look.


Take it to the next level

If the stars have taken your heart & sparked your interest of that of your little ones, you can grow that knowledge & passions through visiting an observatory or Planetaria centre. There are quite a few all-around Australia where you can see some amazing deep space imagery & see new sights.
Australian Astronomy has a great list for where you can find some of these observatories, Click Here to see it.

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