Victorian High Country Blog – Days 5 & 6

06/08/2018 | by Lumberjack

Day Five –

with more spectacular river crossings the convoy headed to Talbotville, one of my favourite campsites with plenty of open space, birds chirping and squawking the river babbling all night long. The 7 metre long Glenaire provided a magnificent backdrop for our campsite with the film crew busy capturing some awesome footage of the kids relaxing and everyone having a great time.

Day Six –

Back in the mighty Ranger with the Glenaire in tow, we climbed to and altitude of 1600m above sea level and headed to Mt Blowhard Hut for a bit of filming and a heap of snaps. Driving to the entrance of Mt Hotham brought back so many memories of skiing in the 80’s and snowboarding in the 90’s. With only a few patches of snow on the ground we parked at the Hotham Alpine Village for a welcome meal and drinks at the General Store affectionately known as “The Genny”. After lunch we set up camp at Mount Freezout, a perfect name for a very cold part of the world. We unhooked the camper trailers and headed to the well known area “Blue Rag Range Track”, an iconic and unforgiving 4WD track with what seemed like a pot of gold at the top.
Wow, the views were like I had never seen before and even though a cold front moved in bringing thick cloud and icy wind, you felt like you were on top of the world. The sunset pushing through the clouds was amazing. Back to camp for more stories about the region and a reminder that a few nights ago I looked like I had pooped myself, it was time for bed but this time I got to sleep in the Lumberjack Glenaire. Even though I seem a bit biased as I sell these awesome camper trailers, the memory foam mattress was amazingly comfortable and protection from the wind was superb.

Adrian Henry
Sales Manager