What is a Hybrid Caravan? How is it Different from traditional Caravans?

20/05/2022 | by Lumberjack

All of the caravan-style units Lumberjack have are referred to as ‘Hybrid Caravans’ but what exactly does that mean?
A hybrid caravan is designed to be just that, a hybrid, a mix between a camper trailer & traditional caravan. They have some of the best features from both mixed into one great unit.
Let’s break down the main differences as well as what their main benefits of them are.

What is a Hybrid Caravan? How is it Different from traditional Caravans?



With a traditional caravan, your only cooking facilities are inside the main cabin, whereas with a hybrid they are located outside. These are on slide-out drawer units which is fantastic for easy access when you’re on the road out & about.
Lumberjack currently has two models though which have the capability of having cooking facilities installed inside the main cabin so you have two spaces you can cook from.


Fridge Storage Location

Hybrids have a dedicated camping fridge storage slide on them just like your typical camper trailer. However, some models like the Mt Buffalo & Mt Hotham do come with the option to have an installed fridge in the main cabin just like a traditional caravan. So you could run two fridges at once if you really wanted to.


Fridge Internal Bathrooms

The same as with traditional caravans, hybrid units come with an interior ensuite room. These ensuites are complete with a toilet & shower. The Lumberjack hybrid range also come with an extra external shower outlet on the exterior of the cabin. This is great for a quick rinse-off after hitting the beach or when you don’t want to track dirt inside your hybrid.


Off-Road Capabilities

Unlike most traditional caravans, our hybrid units are built for an off-road environment, with an independent suspension setup. This means there is no beam axle underneath & each wheel is supported individually. This also gives a higher ground clearance than your everyday caravan.

The Benefits of a Hybrid

Hybrid units offer the best of both worlds between caravans & camper trailers. With the luxuries and space of a caravan & off-road capabilities of a camper trailer.
Hybrids can be the next step for campers taking a step up from a camper trailer to something a little bit bigger & grander.

Lumberjack has a range of hybrids that can suit both couples & families, if you’d like to see the full range we have Click Here to take a look.