What is Independent Suspension?

17/06/2022 | by Lumberjack

In the camper trailer & hybrid caravan world it’s something you may hear often. All our campers & hybrids come with it but what exactly does this term mean? How is it different from traditional suspension methods? What is independent suspension & what is so good about it? Let’s take a moment to go through it & discuss the benefits it can bring to your camping experience.

Difference Overview

When looking at independent suspension in comparison to traditional suspension, the most prominent difference is that independent suspension has no beam axel. This means there’s no bar connecting the wheels together.

Instead, each wheel is supported independently with its own suspension gear. This is comprised of a heavy-duty trailing arm, dual shock absorbers & coil spring.

Off Road & On road Benefits

Having each wheel supported on its own means they can react individually. This suspension setup is key for ensuring a smooth tow, perfect for both on & off-road driving. If one wheel goes over a ditch or rock the other is unaffected due to this independent setup. Whereas a unit with a beam axle would be put under extreme stress & at danger of bending.

By not having a beam axel & the independent setup instead, it means our units sit higher off the ground. In addition to the height they have bash plates installed on the water tanks too, perfect for off roading.

As well as the independent setup, all our units come standard with mud terrain tyres to help when your adventures go off the beaten track. Our units also all come with at least one extra spare tyre just in case. We want you to make some truly awesome memories & have an amazing time with your Lumberjack camper so they are equipt for the job!