What Makes Camping Shows So Great?

12/08/2022 | by Lumberjack

When looking for a new camper trailer or hybrid caravan it can be a very daunting task. Where should you start & how do different brands stack up against one another?
One of the most difficult parts of deciding on a camper is comparing companies. This is where camping shows can be extremely helpful so let’s take a look at what makes camping shows so great.


Physical Inspections

You & your family can climb inside, lay on the beds, open the cupboards & explore. By spending time interacting with the camper you will start to see if the setup is something which suits your family.

Look at the finishings & colours of the unit, do you like the cushions & cupboards? What about the body shape & colour? Take your time as you explore, a camper is a big decision, so you want to be confident with your choice.
Start to consider what you would store in each space of the camper, your clothes, food & other equipment.

With shows you can visit as many companies displays as you like to see which suits your personal tastes.


Staff Ready to help

At every company site you will find multiple staff who are ready & more than willing to assist. All representatives are ready to answer questions & show off their respective products. You can ask them questions to clarify anything you don’t understand or things you’re just curious about.

Consider asking about the setup process, what will you need to do so the camper is ready to use. Because you’ll be the one using it it’s good to start understanding what’s involved. Does it turn out that one model is easier to setup than another?

Special Deals

With shows comes the element of competition to each company. Everyone is there to show off their best & catch your eye. Many companies will be offering special deals to help do this. These deals can include a range of things from upgrades on the camper to fridges & other camping accessories.
If you have fallen in love with a camper model, these deals can be the cherry on top to make your choice even better. Don’t be afraid to ask around at shows what the specials are, but often you will see them advertised around.


Upcoming Shows

Lumberjack has dealerships all over Aus who regularly attend Camping Shows to display & show off our units. You can keep up to date with all the shows they will be attending from our Shows Page. Check it out to see when the next show near you is being held. You can also see which of our dealers will be at the show to display our Lumberjack campers & hybrids!